Why should I go camping?

The ideal times to go camping are when the days are getting longer, or when the nights are getting chilly, and the leaves begin to turn. These are the summer and the fall seasons. Usually, the smell of the pine tree and the campfires allure people to get into the woods when the weather is inviting.

There are times when the idea of sitting around a fire with your friends or family while roasting marshmallows is just exciting. If none of the above are reasons enough for you to go camping, then hopefully the following reasons will convince you.

Break from technology

Many campsites do not have a cell signal or Wi-Fi. This means that while at the campsite, you get the opportunity to be up close and personal with bugs, wildflowers, swimming holes and the Milky Way. It is best to leave the electronic gadgets at home when going camping, and if you cannot leave them at home, then you should at least ban them for certain periods of the day while on the campground.

This will enable you to enjoy some quality time with your friends or family whether you are playing sports, cooking, or just talking to one another without the distractions caused by the electronic gadgets like mobile phones, iPods or computers.

However, if you need Wi-Fi so that you can plan your next move, there are privately-owned campsites that have Wi-Fi.

Escape from the hectic city life

There are many trips that you can decide to go, but most of these trips will not give you the chance to just relax and do nothing all day, but camping does give you the opportunity to sit back and practically do nothing for the weekend or even longer.

During your camping vacation, you can decide to spend the whole day doing nothing other than enjoying nature. Once you have set your tent, you do not need to worry about the laundry, cleaning or putting on your best outfit for a night out, shopping or just any activity that usually consume our everyday lives.

Why should I go camping?

Besides giving you the freedom to choose your location, as a camper, you will have the freedom to come and go as you please. There are no restrictions, rules, schedules or timetables that other types of vacation usually have. While camping, you can have your breakfast all day, go wherever you like whenever you like, and there will not be a time when you come back to your room only to find housekeeping there clearing up your mess.

Learn new skills

There is no better way to learn survival skills than spending time in the outdoors and one of spending time outdoors is by camping. After camping for a few days, you will learn how to put up a fire, learn how to stay safe around one, how to keep yourself safe from mosquitoes and other insects. Also, camping lets you experience just how many material possessions can you do without.

Camping also gives you a sense of direction. Strong sense of direction is critical as it will let you know where you are, where you are heading, where you can find water, the campsite among other things. After camping for several times, it will not be easy for you to get lost once you get back home. Camping also gives you a strong sense of awareness of your surroundings, and you also get to trust yourself more.

Instant holiday

Are you stressed about planning your next vacation? Well, you don’t have to as you can simply go camping, not only is camping cheap, it also requires minimal planning which makes it an instant holiday. All you need to do is just to call the campsite and air your tent and you are set. With camping, there is no need of worrying about the trains, coaches or planes.


When it comes to vacations that are budget-friendly, no vacation beats camping. A camping trip isone of the best economical choices when it comes to a family getaway. You can buy your groceries beforehand, and once you arrive at your campsite, you do not need to worry about buying more food, filing the car gas, buying souvenirs or paying for any tourist excursion. Camping lets you avoid all these expenses that you may have to incur if you opt for another type of vacation. The low cost also means that you can go camping more than once in a year and most people who love camping camp for more than three times in a year.


Camping is truly a vacation for the whole family, including the members of the family who are four-legged. Most camping facilities permit pets, so you don’t have to leave your dog behind with a pet sitter or in a kennel. Furthermore, you get to enjoy as many outdoor activities with your pooch as you like. With your dog around, you won’t have to worry about a cold sleeping bag because your pooch makes a good sleeping bag warmer. So next time you plan for a vacation that your dog will also enjoy, think of camping because your dog will enjoy it as much as you.

Appreciate mother-nature

There is a lot of beauty out there that most people in the city rarely get the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate. From the freshwater lakes that are perfect for kayaking, swimming, and canoeing, to the gorgeous mountains that are perfect for hiking, camping gives you the chance to pick what activities to engage in. When did you last lie on the grass, and admire a pitch black sky that is dotted with brightly shining stars? Camping gives you the chance to view the Orion, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor as well as other common constellations. You may even spot a falling star! Don’t forget to make a wish if you do.


Well hopefully by reading the above information, you now have a valid reason why you should go camping. Besides, is there any better way to spend the night under the stars other than by camping? You just need to pitch a tent and fall asleep to the peaceful silence of the night and wake up to the sound of wildlife.