Camping vs. backpacking: Whats the difference?

Camping is all about getting away from the usual hectic life, right? The singing birds, fresh air, the limited cell service and the babbling brook can melt stress like nobody’s business. However, just like any other vacation or getaway, camping involves planning, packing and the anxious feelings that usually accompany traveling.

If you are an experienced traveler, you know that keeping things simple while packing will not only cut down on time spent on packing and unpacking but it will also contribute to your overall enjoyment during your period of camping.

There are different ways of camping. There is the camping where you go to the campsite using your vehicle, and there is backpacking where you walk to your destination.

In backpacking you carry all your necessities in your backpack hence the name, backpacking. Backpacking is more hardcore than normal camping. However, between these two, none is better than the other. It all depends on what you like. Below are the pros and cons of each to help you decide which one you prefer.


Camping has so many benefits. The following are some of its benefits:

Family bonding

Camping promotes family bonding. There is no better opportunity for a family to bond than when they are in the middle of the woods. Families learn how to work together, solve problems and how to have fun while they are camping. Parents can also use this time to instill a greater sense of respect in their children. It is not easy for children to be involved in backpacking.


Once you have successfully put up the tent, light the fire and cook a meal, you get a great sense of confidence. IN fact, if you want to build the self-confidence of your children, simply take them camping. This is the reason why most teenagers with self-esteem are usually taken on camping trips. Teenagers not only build their self-confidence and self-worth, but they also get to learn survival skills as well as life skills which are very important for their general development. Confident kids have a higher chance of being successful in future.

Families get to relax and unwind

With the numerous pressures of life that affect both adults and kids in today’s world, families need time to get away from their daily routine and stresses and just go somewhere to unwind and relax. This is exactly what camping does. They can put away their phones and books and just concentrate on having fun. Parents can engage in a new adventure and kids can play without worrying. This will help both the parents and children to be more productive once they return to work or school.

Disadvantages of camping

Tepid food and warm beer

This is one of the primary reasons which put off most people when they hear about camping. The food you cook will take forever to prepare since you will be cooking it over the camping stove which is small for easy portability any other food that you decide to eat without cooking will be room temperature or rather ( or tent temperature which ranges from the Arctic to sweatily warm). If youwant a cold beer, you will have to go to the nearest bar just to enjoy one. Apart from red wine and whiskey, the only drinks that you are going to enjoy are going to be tepid or stewed.

Harsh weather

It’s all good if you are guaranteed warm and calm camping conditions throughout the day as well as during the night. But, if the nights turn out to be chilly, your tent will be dripping with condensation on the inside. In case the weather is hot, you might want to sleep with the flap of your tent open at the same time welcoming every kind of wildlife, not to mention the tent crashers, if not, you may have to deal with your claustrophobia.


Backpacking is the trademark of all travellers around the world. If you decide to backpack, then you will be carrying your living quarters together with other necessities on your back. You will be driving to an area, pack your car and then commence on your backpacking and one you are done, you come back to where you had packed your car and drive back home. One of the major reasons why people love backpacking is because it gives them the opportunity to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and culture.

Advantages of backpacking


Backpacking helps you by boosting your optimism. By backpacking, you get to face all your fears as well as doubts. You get to experience ways of overcoming the fears and doubts that you may have. For instance, standing on a mountain top and jumping down from a waterfall are just some of the things that you can engage in while backpacking that will ultimately make you overcome your fears. You also get to boost your self-esteem and courteousness by meeting and interacting with different people.

Time management

Every traveler understands how important time management is. As you backpack, you have to make sure that you keep to the correct time of your itinerary. This means that there are times when you will have to walk faster, leave your tent early or go back to our tent at a particular time. Time management is crucial for a backpacker as most of the isolated places lack transportation so backpackers have to manage their time so that they can make it back on time. So if you have trouble managing your time, try backpacking.


Blind travel

Unless you do thorough research, youmay find yourself traveling blindly as your backpack. You will be unaware of the tourist spots, the places to stay, and where to get good food.

Poor accommodation

Most backpackers don’t get to enjoy the best hotels and resorts and instead, they end up in dorms and cheap inns. Although this is all part of the experience, it can get weary.

Limited amenities

With the shoving of all your essentials in a single bag, it is expected that you will experience a shortage of amenities. You will not be able o take with you more than the bare essentials. Sometimes, you will have to purchase cheap shirts on the spot in case of an emergency, and you don’t have any shirt with you.


From the above information, it is clear that both camping and backpacking have their advantages and disadvantages. So the choice is yours to make. For your backpacking trip you will need to carry with you a sleeping bag, a one-person or two-person tent that is lightweight, a rain jacket, a few performance shirts, hiking boots and possibly a fleece. Smart packing is essential in backpacking.