Camping in an RV vs. in a tent

Are you planning on going for a camping adventure? Do you love the outdoors? If you do, then consider yourself not alone. Most people regard camping as an ideal way to pass the time.

One of the things that make camping such an exciting exercise is all the choices that are at your disposal once you reach the campsite. Whether youwant to go swimming, hike or explore the surrounding nature, camping has an endless list of activities for you to do.

In addition to these choices, you will also have to choose how you want to camp, is it in a campervan or a tent. You need to make this decision before you start your journey.

Both of these types of camping have their pros and cons. However, that does not make any of them better than the other. Given that everyone has their personal preferences, a look at both can assist you in deciding which one is right for you.

Camping in an RV

Recreational Vehicles, known in short as RVs, have their origin in wagons which date back centuries. These were the wagons that were used for cross-country trips and which were designed to be as comfortable as possible for the occupants. This means that the idea of mobile living goes way back.

So since people already had the idea of mobile living, once the engines powered by fuel became popular, the production of the RVs was inevitable. The first RV to be produced was the Ford Model which was released in the year 1915. Below are some of the benefits of camping in an RV.

Advantages of RV camping

Sense of freedom

With an RV, you do not have to stay in one location throughout your vacation period. In case of a particular site does not satisfy you or you want to explore, you can simply move somewhere else. Whether you dislike the weather, the local people or just anything, simply turn on the engine and go elsewhere.

Less stress over packing

You can have your RV already set up with your camping necessities so when you need to go camp, you of RV camping


With a fully equipped RV, you will have all the home basics right with you. You have a power source, your bed, nice sheets, some kitchen equipment like an oven, a small freezer among other basic home equipment.

Protection from harsh weather

An RV protects you from the harsh weather changes that the tent might not protect you from such as heavy rains.

Makes everything easier

Be it dressing, storing things. Cooking a meal, whatever you want to do, an RV makes it easier for you.

Disadvantages of RV camping

More expensive

Campsites charge more for an RV spot than a tent spot. This is in both private and public campgrounds. So if you plan on camping in an RV, you might want to ensure that you can afford the total fees charged. Also, the gasoline or diesel that your RV is going to use is another expenditure, and an RV is way expensive than a tent.

Finding a campsite is difficult

With an RV, it becomes difficult a campsite as most campsites can accommodate tents, but some may not accommodate an RV.

Tent camping

People did not start living in tents the other day; people have been living I tents for thousands of years. Tent camping is very common and widespread because practically anyone can afford it. However, even though it has been practiced for ages, tent camping has its disadvantages too.

Advantages of tent camping

More time outdoors

With a tent, you get to spend most of your time outdoors. Everything is done outside; the tent is only used for sleeping. This is one of the primary reasons why tent camping gives you the best outdoor experience. For example, with tent camping cooking is done outside and in case you want to want a few of your clothes, you will have to do that outside as well.

No bed setting

When bedtime comes, you simply crawl into your tent and sleep, you don’t have to start making your bed as there is no bed to be made, the floor is our bed. So when you get back after a day full of activities, you just crawl inside your tent and sleep.

Stress-free life maintenance

To maintain your life when tent camping, you only need to light a fire, cook food and clean the dishes, that’s it. Furthermore, most campgrounds offer comfort stations with laundry facilities and shower.


Regular campsites for tents go for very affordable fees. Besides, for tent camping, practically any campsite will do. And when you use your car, traveling becomes very cheap.


Leaks when it rains

This is a major disadvantage of tent camping. Most tents will leak once it starts to rain. Besides rain, moderate winds can also blow away the tent. Sleeping in a tent when the weather is windy is also not easy.

No restroom

Some campgrounds have no toilets, so you have to dig up your restroom facilities once you get to the campsite. The restrooms, showers, and laundry are only available on the campgrounds. So if you camp outside the campgrounds, you will have to sort out yourself.

Not enough room

The inside of your tent does not provide you with enough space to store your food supplies and equipment. So you will have to keep some of these things in our car and retrieve them when you need them.

Restrictions on food

Foods like dairy and meats are not ideal for tent camping as these foods require refrigeration which is not available when you are tent camping. Also, when tent camping, you will have to cook our food over an open fire or a portable stove that can be carried into the campsite.


So, if you want to go camping but you want to remain comfortable while at it, then RV camping might be just what you need, but if you want the real experience of being outdoors and interacting with nature, then tent camping is for you. Regardless of the type of camping you choose, you still get to enjoy nature and have the experience to talk about.